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T / happy monday!

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This is exactly what our morning looked like.  We definitely woke up to cold brew, yogurt and muesli.  We absolutely went for a bike ride in green open pastures, flew a kite, jumped into a lake, wore matching high waisted shorts with chambray button-ups and feasted on daintily paper wrapped avocado sandwiches. Oh, and there were floaty lanterns.

This was exactly how we started our week.

This gorgeous video is brought to you by the über-talented people at Kinfolk Magazine.  A little aspirational for real life, but we hope you’re enjoying the end of summer wherever you are (because you have distinct seasons).  If you have a merry meadow to frolic in, a lake to jump in (we’re looking at you Canadian cottagers) and matching outfits and/or sandwiches to share with friends, we hope you do that.


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