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C / The Grey Dress


I have recently started designing clothes. I’ve always been interested in fashion, but never thought of it as something that I could actually participate in. Then I moved to Cambodia, where anybody can do anything, regardless of talent or qualification, and decided to start my fashion game.

I was able to use my new made-up skills when one of my most awesome friends asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in Oregon. I was thrilled to do it, and particularly lucky that the girl has great taste. Our duties included: wearing a grey dress and yellow shoes, singing karaoke like a pro for the bachelorette and not falling down during ceremony or protesting the marriage. Pretty standard stuff.

I wanted the dress to be simple and cool and something I would sweat the least in. I drew an awkward sketch and Tiff took me fabric shopping, which is fantastic in this city, as long as you love haggling and the smell of durian. Fabric in hand, we went to the tailor, a lovely and always smiling woman named Monika. She was endlessly patient with my terrible Khmer skills and we worked out what the dress would look like.

The time between drop off and pick up was filled mostly with self-doubt and anxiety. I ordered a back up from JCrew and sent it to my parent’s house. I was certain that the dress I designed would be terrible, unfit for the wedding and something only low-class trolls would wear. (No offense trolls, I like your bridge.)

This is what came back.

grey dress progression

Fabulous photo of Cait by Kyle Carnes

Honestly, I think its pretty awesome and I’m really proud of it. The feedback on it was super positive and one of my friend’s uber-hip Danish cousins asked me where she could buy it. I snort-laughed and said something about making it and drank my beer really fast and walked away.

So this is a thing now. I am currently imposing on Tiff and a few other friends to wear things I make. It’s a fun process and exciting to be doing something I never thought I could. More to come.



10 thoughts on “C / The Grey Dress

  1. Love the dress and hope to see more designs soon!

  2. The beginning of a beautiful journey! Very proud of you! Xoxox

  3. It’s about time! Love the dress!

  4. So proud of you Cait! You’ll always be the resourceful, beautiful maven I met during the good ‘ol days. xoxo!

  5. So beautiful Cait! You’re such the resourceful, beautiful maven I always knew from the good ‘ol days. xoxo.

  6. The only thing cuter than your designs is you.

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