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turntable - new shoesWhen Lizzie put her Traktor DJ Controller up for sale, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Yeah, it was a bit of a big investment.  I didn’t really have all that much time to put down the 10 000 hours to really learn how to become a DJ.  But I couldn’t get the darn thing off my mind.

I have always loved music.  My close friends are well aware of this obsession. While I’ve learned how to play a couple of string instruments, what I’ve always loved are mixes.  Mixtapes, remixes, anything that has to do with putting things together and making something beautiful.  And I had given it a try putting some tunes together on Garageband (that you can listen to/download here), but I was never completely satisfied.  I wanted to take it to another level.

So I bought it.  And then I found myself committed to making a setlist for a friend’s opening party (tomorrow night! eek) for this favourite place and getting a chance to watch a friend bring it to life.  So now I find myself here, obsessively putting it all together.  Making sure I was getting my own tastes, my friend’s tastes, the right vibe for the crowd, all down to the right combination and selection of tunes.  I was totally in it.

I can’t wait to get deeper into it. And I can’t wait to share with you more of the beats, rhythms and melodies that.

So as a hello to this new source of happy, I thought I’d put together a high energy little mix for you all to get excited for the weekend with.



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