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vintage postersleft, middle, right

I have no other words. In a matter of hours, I am flying the coop and heading off to Goa, India for the week. So I’m leaving you with these songs to take you through to a weekend filled with fancypantsdance, sunlight, colours and spicy spicy curries.  There are so many great memories that go with a few of these songs, from choreographed wedding dances (which I managed to not mangle completely) and the funnest Bollywood nights during uni.  And some of these opuses, how could you not love them?  I remember tracking down Jaan Pehechaan Ho immediately after watching Ghost World when I was in high school.  So many of these went on repeat.  And I hope you like them too.

**The Boston Public Library Flickr is the source for vintage travel posters.  I could spend hours here and decorate entire walls from this.



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