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C / Happy Birthday Tiff!

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My lovely and wonderful bloggy partner is 30 today! Happy birthday Tiff!


Just the Tiff.

Below is a random and non-comprehensive list as to why we should all be celebrating this one’s birthday.

The woman is sunshine. She is the morning kind of sunshine, that is happy and hopeful and warm. Not the 1pm sunshine, that you have had quite enough of and hurts your face.

Tiff is curious and engaging and welcoming and kind. She has style for days and is constantly changing, innovating and inspiring others with her awesomeness. She has an unrelenting interest in the human condition, is constantly working on herself, and makes the rest of us look like lazy bums in the process.

She can be super awkward, and its adorable. She has this giant and intricate brain that is working all the time and is a serious smartypants. She has done more in 30 years than most will with 100.

Tiff is one of the best people on the planet to have 2-10 drinks with and she will never stop you from ordering way too much cheese.

She is strong, in that she can do more pull ups than you, but also brain strong. She has made some of the most courageous decisions on how she wants to live, and does so on her own terms.

She is my Yoda in the blog game and has given me more love and support than she knows.  I am truly grateful to have this lady in my life.

So in honor of this fantastic creature’s birthday today, I hope you all take time on the little things, have an above-average cocktail, and send happy birthday vibes her way. Commenting the bejesus out of this post with Tiff love is more than welcome.



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