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Photo: Blacklung

Happy Wednesday, guys. I am sitting on the couch and trying to caffeinate my way out of jet lag. I’m not sure its working, so keeping human interaction at a minimum today. Tiff is still in Goa, probably on the back of a moto, scooting along the coastline to her next amazing meal that I can’t spell.

Our humpjump this week is inspired by all the different directions we go, and the great things that happen when you leap.

Emma Watson spoke about the HeForShe program the UN last week and was wonderful. Hermoine Granger FTW!

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star in the Skeleton Twins this fall. I cannot contain myself.

I am missing the slouchy sweaters from NYC already. I like this one.

We are HUGE fans of Tomboy Style to begin with, but these bad boys are just the coolest for traveling.

Currently in state of life-reorganization, I am looking for a way to make room in the apartment for a good work space. The team at DesignLoveFest never fails, and I like this little piece on how to put new energy into a space.

Tiff’s motherland of Hong Kong gets a design-foodie-heaven weekend guide! Everyone is happy!

The folks at Freunde von Freunden think that this is how an apartment should look.

Lastly, I know this is old news on the internet, but I still can’t stop laughing.


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