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C / New Kids on the Walk

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First off, this is the bonus Saturday post because my jet lag storm intercepted with an actual storm that knocked out the internet Thursday and took this blog into the Bermuda triangle of laziness. My bad. Moving along…

As I am making this clumsy transition into another career, I have been doing my time on the internet and a lot of that time is on Spoiler alert, the site is about style. The best part is the massive archive of shows from the past few seasons and the chance to discover a bunch of fantastic designers I have never heard of. These talented cats are a few of my new favorites from the Ready to Wear Spring 15 shows.

These guys are too cool to even use letters in their name. I love the menswear vibe.


Menswear Badass

Felder Felder

These kids makes clothes that look like sexy cowgirls. But without the frat party and the bling.


Sheer + sweet prints + boots: BAM!

Ohhh look they made a skirt that looks like candy.


New meaning to “eat your pants off”



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