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C / Monday with Lena

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Photo by Autumn Wilde via Instagram

Hooray! It’s Monday, and we have finally reunited after 3 weeks apart! Tiff is back from India, full of life and lists and curry. Cait is slowly coming out of the deep, dark, angry jet-lag cave and is ready to interact with humans again. We have lots to catch up on from the past few weeks, but we’ll get to that tomorrow.

This morning we watched one of our (imaginary) best lady friends be awesome on YouTube. Lena Dunham, of Girls fame and other well-known-and-totally-fantastic-woman-ness, has released a number of short advice videos on YouTube. She talks candidly about everything from body issues to writing and how to avoid letting bad people in your pants.

Her first book, Not That Kind of Girl, comes out this week. If her advice videos are any indication of the quality of the writing, sign us up.

Until you buy the book/download the book/borrow the book/steal the book (please don’t steal), this piece from an obscure little publication should hold you over.

Respect, young Lena, you are killing it.


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