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hump jump

Photo by unknown via a well traveled woman

Sitting in sunny Phnom Penh this morning, we are having tough time with seasonal envy. Oh to wear cozy sweaters, drink hot coffee OUTSIDE and wear boots. Please don’t even talk to us about boots.  Tiff is currently fighting off a cold in 40°C heat and that is simply the worst.

With seasons changing in other parts of the world, we can’t help but feel some of the residual back-to-school/changing leaves excitement. We have been cleaning out closets, finding new inspiration, learning and treating this time of year as a clean slate to get moving on the things we love.

Thinking about shape shifting in my career a lot recently. It’s a mix of exciting and sucky, and with a dash of self-doubt and Garance Dore has a section on her blog all about careers in creative industries. I love reading about professional paths that are not exactly linear. It makes me feel better about jumping into the abyss.

It’s awesome when bloggers use their platform to talk about feminism. This little piece from Cupcakes and Cashmere is eloquent and on point.

I wish I had read this ten years ago.

For those of us blessed with gangly monkey arms, the super long sleeves trend is snuggly and great.

If we could just have a few minutes to chat with Rashida Jones on a super big comfy couch.

This in-flight breakdown, as twitter-documented by Modern Family editor Ryan Case makes that wailing infant seem like perfect seatmate.

In desperate need for a Wednesday afternoon pick me up?  Come on, how could you not say yes to Mindy Kaling and Elmo together.

After watching this, I absolutely need to get my butt to Ethiopia.

Trying to pick out a new workout cult to join? This little ditty might help.

It’s all about Lena this week.  Absolutely catch this fabulous interview on NPR’s Fresh Air.







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