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Oct-8-HumpjumpPhoto by DJ Eilon Paz via Esquire

There’s something about this morning’s light in Phnom Penh.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s basically a moment in the early morning, and sometimes at twilight, when the sunlight shines through a rare tree and perfectly mimics a fall day in Toronto, or maybe anywhere in the northeastern corridor of that big rock we call home.  You forget you’re in the middle of the hubbub of the chaos of emerging Asia for a moment.  I love when this happens.  Today’s humpjump is dedicated to those little moments.

We’re getting geared up on patterns.  This makes for the perfect resource.

Get in my belly.  Now. I don’t care how slightly trashy this meal is.

Thomas Januska’a Gravity portraits are helping up the mood in this apartment, and probably the world.

All about living and cooking in Hanoi.  I love that city.

Every lady needs a style manifesto.

First I stumbled upon Anne Gray.  And then I found the online mag she edits.  Love a good new find.

“…never appeared to be out on some quest to crack the code for what makes fashion cool…” Jason Wu.

Wee ones dressed as hipsters and bloggers for Halloween? Yes please!

Loving this designer lady’s London blog.  And this travel style post to boot.

Men with kittens.  Need we say more?  Thank you Miss Emily.

NatGeo photographer, Renan Ozturk is in Myanmar right now and finding all that perfect light.



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