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T / INSPIRATION: motor x cycle

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inspiration-motorcycle-headerPhoto by Loomis Dean via Life Magazine

So this bad boy rolled through our gates last night.  While I’m not the type to take one of these animals onto the road (read: fear of speed x motorized vehicles), I have always loved what they mean for the badass lady quotient, and there are so many badass ladies in my life.  This particular post goes out to our friend Para.  Para lives in far flung places, always seems to be on the move doing incredibly important work, and always looks like the belle of the leather-clad ball. Whether it’s the in middle of a desert, on a hot night out or grabbing a work day lunch, the girl crush happen within seconds.  Perhaps most importantly: she rides.  So this post goes out to the ladies who can put 250CCs between their legs and own it.  These are the accessories that I think that should go with a sweet little ride.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and of course, the Royal Enfield

PS – Check out these vintage badass chicks on bikes.



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