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The title of this post is a misnomer. It gets really hot in Cambodia.  We basically don’t wear pants.  As a result, wearing pants to work for me is pretty much foreign now. Something people do in much colder climes.  For me/Tiff, who is writing this in the third person and is feeling weird about that, it’s been dresses and skirts all the way since her working life began (ie. when I moved to Cambodia when I was almost 23).



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My 20’s were haunted by scratchy, ill-fitting, poly-blend, black work pants. You know the ones. I hated them everyday, yet that was the generally accepted female work uniform in most of the places I worked. Never again.

I (Cait) like pants, and when necessary human interaction is required during the work week, comfortable, lightweight pants are ideal for me. Not only do they keep away mosquitos (who love my sweet, sweet blood) but they are easy to dress up and I don’t have to worry about flashing the crowd getting into tuk tuks. Working in a creative industry gives a little wiggle room on what to wear, but I still feel my best when I look polished and put together.



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