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The best way to start your day in Cambodia.  Photo Credit: Nataly Lee for AHA Curated.

So sometime last week, I was in the field, Cait was in Phnom Penh and we had the following exchange over email:

Subject: Cool Chick
Tiff: this sounds delicious, her new line sounds really cool.  lunch date? potential blog post? how was lunch with rachel?
Cait: Wait. You are not going to believe this, but I went to lunch with Rachel AND the chick behind AHA today. She’s totally awesome and she wants to hang out. She is also launching a clothing line in Australia. I think her name is Nataly. Super sweet and lovely.
Tiff: you’re kidding meeeeeeee!!!!! what is going on with us?  vulcan mind meld clearly.  did you see her Saat clothing line video?  can we totally put that as our monday morning post?

And that, dear readers, is how we came up with this morning’s post!  I first encountered Nataly Lee on her food photography blog, AHA Curated.  I instantly fell.  Those photos, that low lighting, my favourite Cambodian dishes. A few months later, I learned she was starting a brand…how much cool can you fit into one person?

Watch this video.  It’s a sumptuous, calming, and meditative way to start your Monday morning.  It’s also a great showcase of an amazing new young artist who is based in Phnom Penh.  I can’t wait to see what comes next and I can’t wait to meet Nataly.

SAAT-The Printing Process from Nataly Lee on Vimeo.



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