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C / Wake up like a badass

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I woke up like a badass this morning.

I slept an hour past the alarm. Alarms aren’t the boss of me.

I had my coffee without milk or sugar, because I’m sweet enough already. I have listened to most of the Joan Jett catalog while doing emails and now I NEED a pair of leopard leg warmers to put on my arms, and a lot more spandex.

I’m not sure where the swagger is coming from today, but maybe it’s from watching 2 episodes of Downton Abbey last night. No one is more badass than Maggie Smith. Whatever the source of this vibe, I am into it and hoping it will take me to good places while fabric shopping today.

I have a few things in the works right now, including the formal playsuit for Koheun and a gown for the upcoming Marine Ball (pour moi). With this attitude, I can almost guarantee leather in the Marine Ball gown and the playsuit might turn a little Katniss.  I’m excited.

With too much caffeine and sweet tunes in my head, I am leaning into the cool-girl-leather thing today, and using the below inspiration to start the engines. Try not to be overwhelmed by my incredible photoshop skillz.








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