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We are all about risk taking this week. Some of the very best things in life have happened to me because of a risk I took. I was scared to move to Cambodia with no job, leave a stable career, bungee jump in South Africa, and tell that one dude what I really think of him. I am so glad I did all of it.

Enjoy the links below on those who have been risky in their own ways, and cheers to those who are ready for a leap.

The world is a little less classy without Oscar de la Renta, who passed away this week.  He once said “The qualities I most admire in women are confidence and kindness.” He was one of the good ones.

Shoko is awesome. You should read her blog.  And particularly this post about the non-linear way to get to the place you’re supposed to be.

In another life, I would like to be a National Geographic photographer. This guy makes me nervous. 

I heart the Sartorialist’s words on letting go and going for it.

Kudos to this little cutie, for doing something lovely and standing by it.

Sometimes reinvention means a new font.

I love Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls program. Amy herself is a boundary-breaking legend, and what she is doing with this program is incredible.

It ain’t over till that fat lady sings.  Jess Lively has some good words on success and urgency.

French girls take awesome fashion risks, but, you know, don’t even care. Elle’s rundown on street style.

Other people are jumping ship and creating new boats, and they’re finding some holes that need plugging too.  Skip to 10:50 to get to the segment I’m talkin’ bout.

Lastly, I called a tuk-tuk driver “douchepants” today, he was trying to charge me double the normal fare. That was kinda risky.


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