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Photo Credit: Louise Place

You know what? This week is the best, and it’s only Wednesday. The event for tonlé last night was awesome, we have been stylin’ up the wazoo and all of this is starting to feel very very real. We are both jumping off for vacation next week and the stars, or planets, or whatever, seem to be aligning. Thank you so much to everyone who is reading and to those who have said kind things to us about the blog, those little passing comments mean SO much to us. In honor of all the good stuff, we bring you more good stuff.

What a fantastic idea for a dinner party among friends and neighbours!!

I am totally dolling up my eyes like this tonight! Thanks Beauty Department!

Little girls using a bad word for a good cause.  ‘Nuf said.

So freaking interesting.  Imagine being a Playboy pinup in the 50s and 60s!

Justin Long needs to do fewer bloody disgusting gory films and should focus on ones like this.  And here I thought he had grown up from Jeepers Creepers.

He just can’t, and now I want a porcupine.

In honor of the World Series, here is Stephanie Tanner in a San Francisco jersey. GO GIANTS!

I am still charmed by Cara Delevigne, mostly based on appropriate use of an f bomb.

Three great things about this video: 1) Joan Jett 2) Dancing ovary puppet 3) Everything. If you can vote in the upcoming midterms, please do.

I just downloaded Taylor Swift’s 1989. I’m not sorry, the girl has serious lyrical game.


2 thoughts on “humpjump

  1. I seriously love the name “hump jump” as the Wednesday theme, its so cute!!!

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