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T / halloween in the kingdom

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IMG_5797Boo!  It’s Halloween.  Or more specifically, it’s Halloween in Cambodia.  Where there is neither crisp fall temperature (it’s 42°C) nor any sidewalks for trick-or-treating (that happens by tuk tuk).  But there are boats that can be easily rented for an impromptu pre-Water Festival costume party.  And there are markets for last minute shopping for costumes we didn’t have any ideas about yet.  Cait and I went on such an endeavour this morning.  Our market of choice? The beautiful but labyrinthine Art Deco Central Market. We haggled over wigs.  Searched endlessly for animal ears. And failed.  We also couldn’t find any animal prints.  But we did get some face paint.  And a rainbow of Ray Bans. Tonight might resemble a shock of inebriated Teletubbies and their K-pop alien cousins. Here are some photos from the sweaty adventure that followed. Happy Halloween!



Getting some tail.


There isn’t such a thing as too much fake hair.

IMG_5795Check out our Instagram for the costumes we wound up with tonight!


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