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Yes, we are on vacation right now, and we are making lists about other places we want to go. We are very greedy people.

Spending time thinking about dream destinations is somewhat of a pastime for both of us. What with all this time we spend on the internet, its easy to wander around and get sucked into the rabbit hole of vacation photos of places in far off corners. I won’t say which one of us (and you don’t know who is writing..hehe), but a lady who writes this blog has been caught in the middle of the night, researching potential vacation spots, only to be shamed into eating and showering. We really like traveling.

We have rounded up our top places (of the week) and organized our day dreams for all of you! Highway to the danger zone below.

Tiff’s top 5

Photo Credit: David Hagerman

Photo Credit: David Hagerman

1. Istanbul, Antakya, Antalya…or pretty much all of Turkey.

I wouldn’t let a neighbouring conflict bog me down.  I never really considered Turkey until I briefly lived in Germany and was exposed to its large Turkish immigrant population, and the resulting doner kebab of course.  Food notwithstanding, the Turkish landscape is complex, which is how I like it.  There’s a ton of history and architectural delights.  I would love to go beyond Cappadocia and see everything the country has to offer. And coffee.  Did I mention the food?

2. Mongolia

Photo Credit: Condé Nast Traveler

Photo Credit: Condé Nast Traveler

Because yurts. And a diverse and nomadic population. And that scenery.  The intersection of China and Russia.  The clash and the smiles that results. And remembering that the world is wide and we are but a tiny speck in the expanse of it all.

3. Samoa and Fiji


The Tosua Pool in Samoa. Photo Credit: Samoa Tourism Authority

While I haven’t been able to go to the South Pacific, some of the work I do has opened up a completely new world to me.  People go for stunning beaches and luxury.  I am game for the the very underrated natural wonders of this region of island states, and completely unknown cultures waiting to be discovered.

4. Berlin, Munich and Leipzig

Leipzig - Gordon Welters

Leipzig by night. Photo Credit: Gordon Welters for NYTimes

Freunde von Freunden, foodie videos like these, and a partner who happens to be of Teutonic nationality.  Germany’s got so much going on.  It’s always been on the frontiers of cool.  And I think these three cities represent those boundary pushing factors the best. In Berlin, you’ve got the epicentre of Euro-hipsterdom that is not only encapsulated in the Kreuzberg, but other slowly gentrifying neighbourhoods too.  In Munich, you have a persistent design scene that is reflecting and taking the best from the fiercely proud Bavarian culture that surrounds it.  And finally, there is Leipzig.  The complete opposite of the preceding German powerhouses. But innovation and excitement are always coming out of music-heavy, quaint little university towns that come with a post-industrial landscape.

5. Renting a house in Provence

Photo Credit: Bri Emery for designlovefest

Photo Credit: Bri Emery

My heart stopped when blogger icon Bri Emery of designlovefest went down to Provence this past summer.  And it could be anywhere in the region. Gordes, Saumane de Vacluse, Aix.  Just the thought of being surrounded by good friends, good wine and good cheese couldn’t make me happier.  Alternatively, a good book, a pool and glass of red would be aight too.  I already feel at peace thinking about it.


1. Iceland

Photo by Conde Nast Traveler

Photo Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

Maybe its the thing about Bjork getting an island, maybe it was watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but I really need to spend time on this crazy chunk of land. I love what I know about the art scene (very limited, but very cool) and it seems like being kind of a crazy weirdo is encouraged there, so I will fit right in. I also want to take a road trip through the volcanos and go fishing and hiking in these awesome looking mountains.

2. Sweden

Photo by Raphael Cadushin for CN Traveler

Photo Credit: Raphael Cadushin for CN Traveler

My people. Well, some of my people. I have never been to the country of modern design and meatballs, but lord, do I want to. Saddle me up and get me my clogs. I am very into the contrast between the busy city feel and the immense countryside and the influence of nature on Swedish culture. I can also eat the hell out of cured fish, so I figure they will take me in. Oh, and Abba.

3. Namibia

Photo by

Photo by

This one has been on the list for a while, and yes, there is a physical list that I keep and update regularly. First, safari’s are awesome and sand dunes are awesome, so there are two easy wins here. But there is also the bohemian culture that makes it and attractive place to me and everyone I know who has been there, loves it. I just had a friend move there (hi Nace!) and its a safe bet that I will be invading her personal space sometime soon.

4. New Zealand

Photo by REI

Photo Credit: REI

Everybody loves hobbits. I don’t care if you don’t want to say it out loud, but you want to go to Mordor just as much as I do. Truth is, I have been to New Zealand already. I went a few years ago with two crazy Irish nurses (hi Emma and Sarah!), but the trip was cut short, and I had to leave early. I did not have enough time in this place, and I want to go back and climb all the mountains and hang with all of those sheep. Maybe go on the Lord of the Rings tour on horseback…hahah. Just kidding, I already did that.

5. Nagano, Japan

Photo by

Photo Credit:

Do you want to build a snowman? Effing yeah I do. I would also like to ski and drink local wine and slurp giant bowls of udon. I am plotting a trip to Nagano, Japan for February because I need to be in snow, and all of this hot weather is making me weak. The mountains in the area are some of the best for winter sports and I look forward to watching other people do them well while I pizza-pie down the mountains and try not to hit a tree. I can’t wait to après ski with these guys.


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