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C / Chiang Mai

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Whew. After 10 days of traveling around Thailand, I am back in Phnom Penh and drinking as much coffee as my body will take. I still have sea legs from the sailing part of the trip, so this post will be mostly photos.


Our view of Chiang Mai from the Sala Lanna rooftop pool

The first leg of our Tour-de-Thailand was Chiang Mai. I had heard wonderful things about this artsy-jungle haven in the north, and was not disappointed. Sure, the old city has a lot of tourist stuff, but people come here for a reason. We stayed at the gorgeous Sala Lanna on the river and grubbed on khao soi as often as possible.

We wandered around the city for the first day, snacking and looking at pretty stuff in the very cool, and very young Nimman neighborhood. It felt a bit like the Brooklyn of Chiang Mai, and I loved the heavy artistic influence of the area.


Photo by Sala Lanna

My belly loves Chiang Mai.


Khao Soi dreams


Drool from top left: pork and chili dip with puffed rice, market snausage, pad thai for breakfast.

Getting artsy-fartsy in Nimman.

disco dog

Disco Dog in Nimman

Beer republic

Solid bar signage in Nimman

mont chiang mai

Mosaic of the King

We made it out of the city for a day and went white-water rafting on the Maetang river, which was my very favorite part. I love rafting anyway, and rafting + elephants will be hard to beat.


The Maetang River outside of Chiang Mai


Serious faces of the safety brief.


This is why we have a safety brief

Ok that’s all I can write without getting seasick. Part two of the Tour de Thailand (the sailing!) up on Thursday.



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