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Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images

Welcome to Wednesday. Today, Tiff is in the field, somewhere between Battambong and Siem Reap, and Cait is back in Phnom Penh. We are re-orienting to life after travel and doing our best to get back into the swing of things, but damn, vacation is so fun. I have been procrastinating like crazy since getting back and now, so can you!

How to work from home and not be a lazy bum.

Manila, Jakarta, and so many cities in Asia could take a lesson from this.

Women rejecting marriage proposals in art. So awesome.

I’m needing a France fix.  Stat.  This helps.

Really, really into the look of these paintings from Greta Van Campen.

I thought being in the field would help get me some of this.  It actually doesn’t.

Loving the pretty undies from Lonely.

There is no better distraction than animals in clothes

Tom and Lorenzo bring the snark on The Hunger Games red carpet, and as they point out, Elizabeth Banks kills it. I want to turn that dress into a tent and live in it forever.

Say what you will about Terrence Malick (everyone has an opinion), but his upcoming film about little Lincoln and his moms looks amazing.


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