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T / happy monday!

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Photo Credit: The Lab A/S

We hope you’ve all had an excellent start to your Monday!  We certainly have.  Not only has Phnom Penh entered its “cold” season with balmy temperatures around 25°C, but Cait and I are finally in the same place after a vacation separation. WhatsApp can only do so much.  The cherry on top is that I am currently writing this post from our new (but temporary) c+t office!  We will be posting more about our new digs later this week.  In the meantime, we wanted to share this video featuring graphic designer, EmmaDime’s own workspace and how she starts her day.

A Day with Emmadime from Wade on Vimeo.

PS. Isn’t that soundtrack amazing? I’ve been listening to The Derevolutions all year and can’t get enough.



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