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Photo Credit: Beth Kirby for Remodelista

Photo Credit: Beth Kirby for Remodelista

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday. Our Internet distractions are from all over the place today, which is sort of how we are feeling over here. There is a frenetic energy in the Penh right now. Not sure where its coming from exactly, but it seems like everyone has a lot going on. Mostly good things, and the vibe is pretty exciting.  I feel like I haven’t stopped planning events and trips since June, and I am ready for a logistical break and ready to get my party pants on. Enjoy the brain candy.

Wrapping ideas. That’s right, I’m talking about this already.

A man in a good suit is the best.

Out of the box colour combos are also just as amazing.

Safety tech + high fashion.

I want to live in all of these places.  At the same time. Stat.

Right before things got BZ, I started reading this book.  It is so amazing, I am staying up way late just to finish it.

Things that matter most in the world: Jennifer Lawrence’s hair

I would like all of these things for Christmas please.

There are so many things on my to-do list right now.  But all I want to do is make pasta. From scratch.

What an interesting piece on work and how we work, and perhaps what we should be doing instead.




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