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Photo(s) Credit: Aviva Klein

Photo(s) Credit: Aviva Klein

I can’t wait to get started.  You know that feeling?  That urge to just jump ship and tread in unknown waters?  Perhaps it is because I have always hated feeling too comfortable.  Perhaps I have always equated normalcy with stagnation.  In any case, perhaps this is what I have been feeling for the past few months as the profession I chose no longer fulfils me as completely as it had before; back seven years ago when I felt like I indeed was embarking in uncharted territories.  As you can tell, this generally happy monday has interludes of feelings today.  Whatever the feels, I wanted to leave you with a video on changing gears and how Aviva Klein, beautiful urban photog lady awesome, got her click on and eventually noticed by HOVA to boot.  Perhaps for those of us starting out new projects, new conquests and adventures of any sort, this will give you the same optimism and excitement for a new risk as it did for me.

PS – I’m inspired by the city today.  East coast. West coast.  Asia mega. The whole shebang.  As such, I’m jamming to some fab mixes in the office today. Check out the beats here, here and here.


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