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You know those girl crushes? The women who you completely aspire to be just a smidge like?  They’re always so polished.  They’re involved in such intense and hard core work.  They get shipped off to war torn lands and know how to roll out of dangerous situations while looking so incredibly beautiful with a knack for figure-hugging vintage looks.  Female James Bond basically.  Don’t even get me started on their magnetism and warmth.  That is exactly what our Momo is like and we are just so incredibly lucky to bask in her presence (and she’s so petite!).  This week, she asked us to design a work dress for her (?!?!!).  And we jumped at the task.  Cait usually does the artwork for the both of us but she’s a little busy working on a number of other custom holiday outfits.  So that left me. However, I wouldn’t be able to draw if my life depended on it.  So instead I thought I’d put together a mini inspo board for Momo’s dress.

When I think of Momo sitting at a big conference table of stakeholders, or a situation room, or hob knobbing with policy makers and community officials alike, I see so many (mostly-fictitious) women I so admire.  The muscle of Claire Underwood, the even-minded diplomacy of Hilary Clinton (or her fictitious counterpart on Madame Secretary), and of course, the awesomeness of Vice President Selina Meyer; but maybe not the slightly uptight biz suits of Alicia Florrick (can you tell I watch a lot of TV)? Basically the perfect mix of femininity, Courtney Cox hilarity, and state craft edge is what Momo is.  For me, this translates into well tailored and structured, high mandarin collars, a plunging (but not too plunging) neck, A-lines and pencil cut skirts.  Basically, the kind of look that says “hey, I’m in charge and I’m going to look mighty good while doing it.”  But damn, dressing a diplomat who works in politically sensitive regions is tough.  Momo just makes it seem so effortless.  Let’s see what we cook up for her!





One thought on “T / Rough Draft / Inspo for Momo

  1. Dress number five, I would wear that to death!

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