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C / black friday is gross

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xupload141073338566638_thumb.gif.pagespeed.ic.1xSCgrmmeZExcuse me while I stand on my soap box for a sec.

Today, in the US, is Black Friday. Today is the day when we forget about all the nice stuff we said the day before and instead, step on our peers’ faces, trying to get to a flatscreen.

Black Friday grosses me out for a number of reasons, but the thing that gets to me most, is that all the money and effort spent running through whatever giant box store, could be used to support independent designers, artists, writers and musicians. Those dollars could go to artisan toy makers, cobblers, haberdashers, candy makers, pickle artists, salami masters and wine shop owners. In other words, the money used today could go to amazing people doing exciting and innovative things, or it can go to crap that everyone else has.

In effort to support some great companies, Tiff and I will be making some “Where to get your goodies” lists in the upcoming weeks. Everything from fashion to food will be included and I am hopeful that more people become mindful of who and what they are supporting this year.

To get things started, here are three companies that are awesome AND reasonable prices. See, you can have your cake and eat it too. Mmmmmmm…cake.

1. of a/KINDmedium_product-5

This company highlights independent designers with awesome, unique styles. They have everything from beanies to bangles and a bunch of stuff is on sale right now.

2. ASHKAHN71214-4188fbab38604a0c83d5a509e31308d7These greeting cards are hilarious and also sweet. The one man show behind the designs, Ashkahn, lives in LA and uses French cotton for the paper, which makes them fancy.

3. BKLYN LarderJvP_080614_Larder_Moger_147__44766.1410848054.1200.1200

Man, do I miss this place. BKLYN Larder is an amazing place to find a delicious present, whether you are in the market for new knives or stinky cheese. If they shipped to Cambodia, I would be broke.

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