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C+T - cityprideIt started trending among friends on Facebook on Thursday last week. And one by one, over dinner, over drinks, friends started gushing about it.  It made us really proud.  And then Mr. Kong’s Karaoke tuk tuk picked us up and it made the day even better.

I wanted to post it immediately and tell the world: “we live in this city, bitches!” But in the name of order and blog.  I waited for Monday.  So some of you may have already seen this already, but I’m still incredibly happy to share it anyways. The city has changed so much since Erika wrote the first 36 Hours in Phnom Penh back in 2008. And Naomi captures pretty darn tooting well what makes this city so special for us expats in this updated edition of the Phnom Penh guide. Soon, we’ll come out with our own little edition of what makes for one great day here in our eyes.  But in the meantime, check out this perfect little video about this tiny complex little city that Cait and I live.

Photo by Tiffany Tsang for Cait+Tiff. Please request permission for use.


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