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T / listen up or go away / francophilia

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Photo Credit: Georges Dambier for 1958 Elle Magazin

Alas, alas.  There was a glimmer of hope to spend New Year’s in the south of France with friends in a big ol’ house in the hills.  There were dreams of wandering through vineyards in a drunken haze, a night or two in Paris.  A ton of cheese.  Sadly, it was not meant to be and working in a country that doesn’t exactly celebrate Christmas got into the way.  I guess I’ll have to spend the holidays in balmy Phnom Penh.  But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t still dream, right?

So this week, I’ve been filling my ears with some old school and new school French pop.  There are so many good sometimes electronic, generally poppy, always good sounds coming out of France right now.  And they’re so sneaky! You might not even know your favourite bands are French.  And here they are, mixed up with some retro classics from those new wavey days.  Enjoy!

PS – Are you going to the south of France? Check out these amazing links for your trip!

Brie’s trip to Gordes!

Elizabeth’s classic Marseille mix is pretty jammin’ too.

The Weekender knows how to live it up in Provence.

A Trail of Crumbs knows how to eat in Caunes-Minervois.

PPS – A treatise on my obsession with minimalist French style coming next year!



One thought on “T / listen up or go away / francophilia

  1. Love it, thanks Fracophiles!

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