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tonlé pop up market + sesame anniversary party : Best Saturday EVER

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Our buddies over at tonlé are hosting a pop up market this Saturday! We are excited to head over there and indulge in their gorgeous, conscious fashion. It starts at 11am and goes on until 5pm, so all of you Phnom Penh-ers will have time to get shopping done before all of the obligatory holiday happy hours you have committed to. Or….

Head over to Sesame for their anniversary party! These guys have been serving up their most-delicious cold noodles and snacks for 2 years, and for the sake of the Penh, we hope they never stop. Come by to celebrate and grab some tasty bites from 6-9pm.


In other tonlé news, cait and tiff are totally famous super models now. We had so much fun goofing around with the tonlé girls during their photo shoot a few weeks ago and we were surprised/honored that they decided to use this photo of us for their US launch announcement!


See you Saturday!


One thought on “tonlé pop up market + sesame anniversary party : Best Saturday EVER

  1. Hi cait! My name is Alice. I met your bf at the workshop today and he told me about your blog. Check out my blog! And hope to see you sometimes!

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