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C / rough draft / the lee sisters

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Photo credit: Tiffany Tsang

For my next trick: wedding attire for sisters.

These two little balls of happy, youthful energy, are both going to a wedding in a few weeks in Boracay, so I am feeling super sad for them. What a terrible way to spend the holidays.

Daeun is in the wedding, as a bridesmaid, and needs a dress for the big day. The guidelines are: coral, floor length, non-sweaty and totally great. We were in and out of the market in record speed and her ideas for the dress were classy and elegant, just like her.


Extremely technical and fancy drawings by cait



Koheun wanted a romper, a formal romper, and we had a ton of fun shopping for a fabric that we didn’t know we wanted. She had a bajillion of ideas from everything from the fabric to the fit and the details, I can barely take credit for the design. It was great to work with her and play around with so many different styles and designs. I am hoping that the final product is as sassy as she is.


Why do all the pants I draw look all MC Hammer-y?



Pizza makes rejection feel better.



The final drafts will be back next week, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Lastly, sorry for the terrible handwriting, I know it’s really bad.




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