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Photo Credit: Postmark Brewing

We had a really good weekend. A really packed weekend, but altogether, a really special one that was fuelled by crack pie and cold brew (for me at least), great friends and good eats, pretty things, fittings and photoshoots, and of course – glühwein.  And who could forget Small Business Saturday on Steroids in Phnom Penh? But gosh darn it, Cait and I are heading into a busy week.  And most likely you are too.  With impending deadlines, holiday celebrations and international flights all smushed together, we are cherishing the calm of our mornings before the bum rush sets in.

This oh so lovely Kinfolk video captures perfectly what every morning could and should look like.  That pace, those sounds and a big deep breath out before jumping back into it all.  And remember to have a tasty breakfast.  It’s the most important meal of the day, y’know.  Happy Monday everyone!

Kinfolk Story: Breakfast for Two from Kinfolk ( on Vimeo.


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