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Photo Credit: Dordo Brnobic

Photo Credit: Dordo Brnobic

Hi Wednesday, you look pretty.

This week is nuts for us. Tiff is working toward jobby job deadlines, planning Phnom Penh Christmas, and she may or may not have taken on another consultancy while mid-squat this morning. She gets to read non-required books over the holidays and is very, very pleased with this. She made a gluten-free choclolate cake yesterday, and her blog partner is seriously bummed she didn’t get to lick the bowl.

Said blog partner is currently in the Korean Air lounge in Seoul, with 4 drinks in front of her (no booze, calm down) and staring out at the sunrise over all the pretty planes. She is wearing her leather jacket, just because she can, and making a list of all the places to eat in Tucson when she gets there. I am coming for you, Guero Canelo and taco truck with the name I don’t remember.

In the spirit of all things hectic, this week’s humpjump is all over the place.

To start things off, two of my favorite people in the same clip! Yes, Cookie Monster is a people. Emily knows.

Cookie Monster? More like gluten-free chocolate cake monster.  That’s what I’ve become.

I don’t know how to feel about The Colbert Report ending. But this is funny.

If you’re still feeling down about choices that Canada has made this year, never fear! There are endless lists about our huge quirky nation still being awesome.

I bought over-the-knee boots too! Garance and I are basically the same, and her end of year list is lovely.

Smørrebrød.  The word looks awesome.  It’s fun to pronounce.  And even better to stick in your mouth.

I am starting to read Hardwiring Happiness, and I’m usually a butthead about these, but I like it.

Deadlines schemdlines.  If you dig Freunde von Freunden and Kinfolk, then you’ll love scrolling through these guys too.

I am determined to beat jet lag this trip! They say to move around, which is great, because I pee more than everyone on airplanes.


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