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T / the holiday party

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Guys.  It’s that time of year again.  I have my store of Canadian goodies to give away as host(ess) gifts.  That glühwein is ready to be poured.  Gnarly gingerbread men will be decorated.  Menorahs lit.  Kwanzachristmakhah carols sung.  And we all know that tonight’s final episode of Serial will be a major topic of discussion.

But for all you hosts out there. What to serve? What tunes to play?  How will everything get done in time? What the punch?

So I wanted to share with you some helpful things to make hosting that holiday party a little easier with all those deadlines looming.  This little video from Julia Ziegler-Haynes (new foodie girl crush) gets all that holiday party prep done super fast, relatively cheap and mega tasty.

Holiday party music is also of utmost importance in my books.  I made a little indie affair of a holiday mix a couple of years back, but I also feel like the classics (courtesy of the folks at Parks & Rec) are plenty important to get the grinches and the scrooges outta the party vibe.


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