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C / final draft / tiff’s burmese romper


TiffRomper-JumpOh, wow. I’m excited about this one.

The fabric that I brought back from Myanmar, almost a year ago now, has been magically turned into this sassy little number.
IMG_6599It’s not hard to make tiff look great, and she has her own artillery of completely fantastic rompers, including my favorite one that makes her look like a jungle safari guide from 1987. I wanted to make sure that the fit was spot on on, because if it’s off on one of these, you can end up with major dumpybutt and a one-way ticket to frumpytown. Lucky for us, we have Monika, the tailor, and the woman can fit.

We had lots of fun roaming around The Mansion this morning and playing in the ruins of this should-be condemned old place. Luckily, they keep it open as a bar some nights, and nothing could ever go wrong in a creepy old building full of drunk people.

Enough with the words, Decker, let’s see some photos.


Stone cold fox


Let it be known that tiff doesn’t lighten her hair, that’s just the angel light.





I hope you like it! I love it so much. So much.




6 thoughts on “C / final draft / tiff’s burmese romper

  1. Tiff you look fab! And where were these photos taken? The space is amazing

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