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Photo Credit: Unknown, via The Pursuit Aesthetic

Good morning. We are getting ourselves together this week, one of us recovering from evil holiday sickness, one of us in a semi-hilarious jet-lag haze. In a perfect world, we would both be on a juice cleanse, going to yoga on the daily, and well on our way to mastering a super zen, super balanced life. But that is not where we live. For this week of recovery, we will stick to bagels and comfort food, wear yoga pants and buy books about being all zen and shiz.

Also, how great are these buffalo? Tiff found the photo above, is currently having an internal debate about whether to call them bison, and I want to get a giant print of it and put it in every room. Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

I tend to ignore the “worst of” lists because I think they are mean, but its fun reading Vogue’s Best Dressed list. Even though they forgot me this year.

So we’ve left the life cubicular!  Some peeps have basically laid out the road ahead.

Christmas brought fun things, including the NikeFuelBand. So far its fun, and feels like a have a personal trainer on my arm that bugs me and makes beeping noises. I like it for the motivation, a little worried I may murder it.

Totally looking to clean up my wardrobe this year and grow it up with some clean lines and fun flows; loving Alyson Fox’s designs will help.

This commercial has made me laugh about a 30 times in the past few days. And now you know what I do with jet lag.

Not only is Mexico on my must-list this year, but a chance to go glamping in Mexico would just send me into a tizzy.

I wants these. Because heels are such a great idea in developing countries…

Being sick in bed means a lot of podcasts.  These are what I’m up to.

Grabbed a few of the best face scrubs when I was home, and hoping they last until I can snag a few more in June.

I am so excited that this show is starting up again on Sunday!




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