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Photo Credit: Bil Bowden

Photo Credit: Bil Bowden

The collar grazing chop was apparently not short enough.  I needed something more drastic.  With everything changing this year, I basically want my hair say the same thing.  And then the temperatures hit 43°C and enough was enough.  Cut it all off.  So this post is a little hastily done today…

Because this is happening right now, or in 10 minutes. And also..those other resolutions I made for 2015 are gonna take a heck of a lot longer to get done.  I can tell you right now that while I’m not going GI Jane, nor will I be playing with colour, I can guarantee that whatever my hair man Vaughn at Bearhanded wants to do with these locks, he will get to do.  Gotta love a hair stylist you can trust with your life.

Here’s a little on what I’m thinking about (but like I said, my hair is in Vaughn’s hands):




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