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T / happy monday / new year’s high

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Dude. I’m still riding this new year’s high.  The last dregs of deadlines for my regular worky work are riding nigh.  I’m  starting the 30 Day Paleo Challenge this Saturday.  Then I’ll be off on a music-filled paddle board lady weekend in two weeks, and a super fun photoshoot in three weeks.  Trips are getting planned and booked, so Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Denmark and London, I’ve got you in my sights.  And now that Cait’s back, we can plan out how we’re going to take 2015 by storm.  In other words, things are pretty kinetic, copacetic, with a smidge of hectic mixed in for some excitement. I swear I probably shouldn’t be writing after a dose of coffee and exercise endorphins.

So this lil’ video from the kids at The Perennial Plate basically describes life perfectly.  At the mo’, life is exactly like a glowing India. Tasty too.

I hope your week is off to a swell start.  Or perhaps you’re planning out your 2015 wardrobe while watching all the pretty things at the Golden Globe Awards when this post goes up.  In any case, happy Monday!


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