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Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Welcome to Good News Wednesday. Today, we will be sharing links to things that are wonderful, pretty, delicious, funny and kind. Last week was a doozy, so no more bad news. Cait is currently mourning the loss of her favorite football team, but is incredibly proud of the Ducks. Besides, we have a sexy Heisman Trophy winner, so I think we all know who really won. Tiff is wrapping up her contract this week (HOORAY!!!) and carb-loading before she starts the Paleo challenge begins next week. That is how you do it, right?

It’s been all meetings this week, and it’s not slowing down. Custom designs for friends (including a 3 year old!), interviews with some very cool wood-working dudes, and figuring out the perfect costume for a murder mystery party this weekend. No one is complaining. Hope you are having a great week!

Lucky Peach is now online! The people rejoice.

Having spent Tuesday morning with Caitlin and her Ducks, I’m now convinced that green is the colour to go for right now.

Emma Stones jumpsuit made this week better looking.

Coolest new graphic design tool ever.  My techy hands want to get all over it.

All hail the fashion sneaker. About damn time.

I recently had the chance to witness a bub’s first taste of lime.  And then I stumbled upon this.

House porn is high on our lists of loves.  This Brooklyn reno and that kitchen thus makes us swoon.

This guy is traveling so much these days…I think he forgot to invite us to Italy.

Someday, I hope to have as much fun as this guy had on the beach.

An Illustrated Tour of 18 Hot Sauces…you had me at hello.



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