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C / the lineup

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This has been quite the week. I have met with 3 amazing ladies and have some pretty fun stuff lined up for the next few months. I am making a long, flowy number for my friend Sarah, a birthday dress for my favorite 3 year old, and three pieces for Alissa (who you may remember from her sweet post on Dar Es Salaam). Alissa brought back some beautiful fabrics from her trip to Tanzania and I have been daydreaming about what to do with them.

This constant state of meetings/designing/drawing is great, but tiring, and I am still getting used to this type of normal. Honestly, I can’t really believe that people actually want me to design things for them. I love it, but am in a constant state of shock that people continue to trust me with their clothes. Anyway, enough of the “oh my god I am so grateful blah blah blah.” The dress.

This week I have my inspiration all ready for Sarah’s dress. She is going to a wedding in May, in Cardiff, and needs the dress to be dancy are awesome. Sarah is an amazing little fireball to begin with, so I want something beyond the expected wedding guest attire for her. I am swerving on vintage Halston and the kind of 70’s vibe of their stuff. Thinking “American Hustle with out the imminent threat of nip slip.”


Cambodia has some of the most beautiful silks I have seen, and I especially love the raw, imperfect ones that are often ignored. Tiff and I are off this morning to hunt through the Russian Market and find the best ones for this dress, and then I want to paint it. I have been Interneting hard this week, trying to find a good tutorial on how to do this and I think I have one.


I am thinking greens and blues, maybe an ombre thing, maybe not. Maybe a little Jackson Pollack, maybe not. Maybe a floral thing, maybe not. We will see what happens with this one, and if I totally blow it and it’s terrible, at least I have until May to make a new one.

Ok I have to finish my green juice (because I am so healthy) and get shopping before it gets too hot. Happy Friday.






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