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Photo Credit: Kate Bellm

Photo Credit: Kate Bellm

Well this is a little weird.  It’s Monday.  I’m typically zipping out the door to whatever space I’ve decided to call my office by 9-ish after a WOD at the box (sorry, crossfit speak).  When I was at a proper office, it was 730am! Today…I’m doddling.   Had a delicious almond milk cortado by the baristas that this lady-coffee-consultant-aweomebomb is training for this upcoming cafe.  I did the laundry.  Tidied up a bit.  Thought about the books I want to read to help me get on this design road (Cait has her own pile...unfortunately mine’s all electronic). Made a list of the things and people you will hopefully be seeing on this blog in the next months.  Got excited about learning everything related to ISOs, light metering and histograms from these ladies today. And then realized…holy crap, I’m 100% devoted to this blog now because I have the time.

As a consultant, the end of a contract can be an odd thing.  Especially because I make a rule of not setting them back to back.  Some contracts linger past their expiry date.  Other times, it’s like hitting a wall the moment you submit your deliverable and realize you have all the time in the world now.  This time it’s a bit of both.  In any case, I’m going to ride this wave of liberation for as long as I can hold it.  While I lament that I’m leaving something that began to feel like belaboured, I’m looking forward to the fact that I’m getting a chance to do work that won’t feel like it.

Oh and here’s a favourite song to go with all these feelings…Happy Monday!

PS – Have you guys seen Man Seeking Woman yet? We saw the pilot last night and oh my word, Canada love bomb!  Everyone else – you’ll like it too!  But there’s just something oh so special about seeing frequent Seth Rogen/Judd Apatow collaborator (and Canadian child star) Jay Baruchel looking for love in a Toronto that’s not pretending to be New York (and exactly in the hood where I stay with my sis when I’m home).  It’s really funny.  There are trolls.  Literal trolls. And Eric André.  Check out this trailer.


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