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Photo Credi: Kayla Varley

Photo Credi: Kayla Varley

Hi Wednesday. It’s been an awkward week. We have been heading full steam into this awesome creative space that we are loving, but this week has been full of land mines. We are pulling out of it today, and trying to keep spirits high. Cait is coming out of the all-consuming evil-tummy-bug-monster, and working through some other stuff. She is trying to keep in mind that the more you think about something or someone crappy, the worse you feel. Burrowing into the 2015 Fashion Week shows are helping.

Tiff is now all blog all the time as well, and its totally great. No downside there. Drop mic.

So we’re officially 100% full time bloggers now.  Naturally, there’s a bunch of anxiety associated with this.  Emily at Cupcakes has some kickass solutions for this.

Oh. Oh hello.

Bao-man of the era, Eddie Huang, has a new show!  And developing it from his memoir about growing up Asian in Florida came with its own pile of fun.

For all the addicts out there, the Serial saga continues…

What does your workspace look like as a graphic?

A great round up of everything fashion-y from 2014.

All of Molly Yeh’s foodie get-togethers look amazing, but this one especially melts my paleo-stricken heart.

Loving these collage drawings.

Do you have an hour?  Check out this Wes Anderson-inspired doco about life at the Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica!

This pair of photographers have a great eye for lighting and now I want to go to Montana.


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