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It may be Monday, but my heart still lies in the weekend. And golly, it was a good one.  Except for the fact that Cait couldn’t join us because she’s a responsible, caring, and very busy lady who had high tea with the cutest little toddler to attend and in general, she was busy being way too awesome.  You’ll be hearing more about this amazing ladies weekend later on this week, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak.

So even though I’m supposed to be in the midst of this 30-day Paleo Challenge business, my eyes can still wander over the baked goods section (oh geez how I miss an ooey gooey melty buttery chocolatey something).  These girls are basically just like us, aren’t they?  Well, the sweet, fluffy (or dense) and chocolate chippy version at least.  The ladies at Ovenly also quit their jobs in well-meaning professions to pursue something they really loved.  Cakes and cookies.  So I wanted to begin this week with a sweet view to the future.  And being able to start one’s happy hour at 3pm.


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