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alissa-fabric-header Our wonderful friend, Alissa, has given me three pieces of gorgeous fabric to work with for her pieces. Two are bright, unique and gorgeous fabrics from Tanzania, the third is a print from Cambodia. We are going to do three different pieces (potentially four, but she doesn’t know that yet) and the first one will be a work dress, using the Cambodian print.

Unless you happen to be Victoria Beckham, a lot of work dresses tend to lean toward the very very boring. Alissa is not boring, and I don’t want this dress to be. That being said, we need to lock it up a little bit, to make sure she can wear it when she meets with Cambodian government officials and old dudes in Geneva.

This print (seen above) is interesting and beautiful, has a bit of a floral vibe, but doesn’t go too far into girlytown. I want to make something that feels powerful and beautiful, which shouldn’t be hard to do on such an awesome lady.

Inspiration so far…


The first drawings…


don’t worry, Alissa has hands and feet in real life

Meeting with Alissa tonight to discuss the details for this dress and the Tanzania pieces. If you want to know more about Alissa’s adventures finding these fabrics and other treasures, you can read her guest post that she wrote for us a few months ago. It’s so great.

More soon!

Inspiration photos from here and here.



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