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Hi Wednesday! So today is the day for strong left turns. Not so much physically, but this week has been filled with conversations ranging from the VERY serious, to Rick Owens presentation of the “Surprise Penis.” Because serious conversations are not all that fun to talk about in a very public forum, this week’s humpjump will focus on the unexpected genitalia-type stuff that feeds an hour of lunch conversation between 6 lovely girlfriends.

And on a completely different note…come back in a couple of hours when we’ll be posting our inaugural interview with some damn cool woodworking men in the Penh!

Get your pleather ready, this comes out on Valentines day.

Without further ado, the WHY IS THIS HAPPENING penis.

So apparently every blog had a fitness gear blitz.  Vogue, Emily and Camille had some of my faves.

If this is true, it could be the best news ever. Ever.

Ice fishing huts in Canada, you so pretty.  Who knew?

Having polished off 8 bottles of wine with my lady friends this weekend, I feel like I should know a little bit about the liquid love now.  This helps. Thank you Jo.

These are just so much fun.

I know I know.  Enough with the resolutions already.  Advice is nice though.

I think I like the incredible origami garden at the Chanel show more than the clothes.

Because once in a while, Czech electro-indie-pop is exactly what you need.


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