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I mean, not that kind of perv. But it’s hard to feel not-creepy when realize you are sitting by yourself and you didn’t notice that it got all dark out because you have been on the couch in your underwear clicking through and saying things like “ooh, I could get into that,” out loud. I am clearly talking about the clothes, but there is not getting around it, it’s kinda weird. And now you know how I spend my Wednesday nights!

Alright, enough internet self-shaming. In my defense, there is some fun stuff in the Spring 2015 Couture shows. I love couture shows, it’s like encouraging everyone to make a very pretty dress, and then making that dress take a whole bunch of acid and put it in an origami garden. It’s awesome.

Below are some of my favorites from the shows in Paris. Some are gorgeous, some are crazy, and some are crazy gorgeous. Enjoy!

Alexis Mabille


Christian Dior




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