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Photo Credit: Grand Ole Bestiary

Oh hi, Wednesday. I didn’t notice you there. It’s been a foggy, slow-moving day. Tiff and Cait have been reunited after a whole FIVE DAYS apart, and have spent this morning catching up and not doing anything productive at all. It’s a day of lists, general shit-getting-together-ness, and a lot of coffee. We have a big piece on Kettlebell Cafe coming this afternoon, so check back in a few hours, when we are more coherent and better with words. For now, here is our internet distraction list to help you jump the hump.

I felt a cold brewing yesterday. Kevin Hart breaking out Katy Perry pretty much cured everything.  It may even bring about world peace.

You have probably heard about the Humans of New York fundraiser for Brownsville already, but here is the interview on Ellen.

I cannot wait to see all of these. Dope especially.

One of the best Superbowl commercials. Hell yes, #likeagirl.

I could use some snow.  It would make this cold more legit.

If you are interested in exploring Myanmar, try the Myanmore site. It was so helpful last weekend!

Another snow-related link!  Loving this new show. Twin Peaks in the Arctic describes it perfectly.

Our friend, the lovely Jane Heng, has a feature in Frankie Magazine this month! We are crazy happy for her.

It’s Poutine Week!  Nuff said.

I need this bag and I need to fill it with glitter.








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