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green-adornmentExpats do some funny things.  One such expat tradition is the Khmer costumed photoshoot.  Some expats will take that to another level.  This past Saturday afternoon, a bunch of curious Khmers and tourists alike found themselves wondering what a bunch of such expats (representing eight different countries) were doing dressed up in traditional Cambodian outfits, trying to deadlift a tuk tuk.

door-greetingsWe’re always looking for something fun, slightly wild, and really off-our-rockers to do in the city.  So a bunch of my friends at Crossfit Amatak got together last weekend to play adult dress up for a photoshoot under the guise of building a slightly delayed calendar for Corbett’s new gym.  There was so much giddy excitement for this.  That is, until the men realized how long hair and make up would take for the ladies.  This time was filled in by getting them to pumping iron in full Khmer regalia.

eyebrows-and-eyelashes  crimpinghair hair hairThree hours later, we were on our way.  With several layers of caked on foundation, powder, newly drawn on eyebrows, glued on eyelashes, crimping, straightening, hair pieces, bobby pins and tying up our traditional sampot chang kben and sampot tep apsara.  I don’t think any of us have ever had any time on the beauty pageant circuit.  This pretty much helped us realize we had chosen the right career path.

pinkselfie-stick-and-pullupsSo while the photos aren’t quite ready yet (what to do with the grey backdrop of a Crossfit box?!), I wanted to share some of the backstage photos of the general tiara-ed hilarity that went on this past weekend.  It was so incredibly fun to see a generally sweaty and morning droopy bunch get all gussied up.  I can’t wait for holiday card season to start up again. tuk-tuk

All (but the last) photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.


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