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Photo Credit: Jane Bishop

Photo Credit: Jane Bishop

Good morning. Basking in the early morning quiet of Phnom Penh right now, listening to past Jon Stewart interviews, trying to will him into never leaving The Daily Show. Besides that obviously horrible news, things are good. We have been non-stop the past few weeks and are both learning how to manage a bunch of projects at once, while planning for the next few months. Tiff is doing awesome things with her photography and planning trips to three separate continents in the next few months. Because everyone goes to Uganda for Spring Break. Cait is elbow deep in custom work, drawing her hand off, and now she has no hand.

But we can still click.  And this is what is distracting us this week.

No. No no no no no no no no no no no no no. No.

Yes yes yes yes yes to naughty things with nice prints.

Rihanna’s Grammy dress rocked my world. All of my Candy Land dreams came true in that dress.

Two great songs came out this morning.  Get your bump on with Matt & Kim, and your big horns on with Florence.

Annie Lennox is still is total badass, and no one is surprised.

Red red red red red.

These look so comfy. Now on the list for my next New York trip.

I needed to calm down this morning.  So I watched this.

I can’t decide which chocolate cake to make. This one, this one or this one. My life is so hard.

Yum yum yum. Brunch brunch brunch.





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