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Hello lady Wednesday, you came out of nowhere. This week has the distinct feeling of chaos. Maybe its the busy extended weekend, but we are not ready for the week to be half over. Still so much to do! The blog is getting more and more traffic (thank you very much) and the projects keep coming. We have a few very exciting meetings this week that we will be able to tell you about soon, and we will be collaborating with some great people! Tiff is excited about everything, basically all the time and is currently eating her way through Chinese New Year. Cait is up to her elbows in projects and trying to find a better way to keep everything organized. Its a funny shift from hobby to business, and for both of us, learning how to value and monetize what we are doing is awkward. Having a creative career is the best, but a far reach from our previous standard operating procedures. No complaining though, we are still crazy grateful. Hope you enjoy our weekly distractions, because we don’t have time to!

Kelly Kapowski has a cooking show!

Love this trend. Bring on the crazy!

This makes me want to take a 6+ hour bumpy road trip to Siem Reap. And I’m not talking about temples.

I ran out of this and now my life is over. Please sell in Cambodia.

“I had a gluten-free tuna wrap…I don’t want to look bloated in front of the camera.” What happens when you play switcheroo with gender and red carpet Qs.

It would be great if Jenna Lyons made sure I had my shit together before I walked outside.

Frank Underwolf is blowing houses down.  Yes, Sesame Street has done a House of Cards spoof.

Oooooo new pretty blog/shop thing to spent too much time looking at.

HuffPo explains exactly what is wrong with the Academy and the Oscar Awards this year. #oscarssowhite

Really happy that some of these ladies are happy to bring the weird to the Oscars.


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