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Photo Credit: The Art of Tea

Photo Credit: The Art of Tea

Oh my word.  The storytelling in this little video is impeccable. A tale of start to finish, process and growth, Hedley & Bennett.  The cadence and the rhythm make for a great start to the week.  She actually reminds me a bit of Cait, which is probably why I responded to this little FoodieTV video so strongly.

“It’s like out of Breaking Bad.” – Ellen Bennett on the dying process for her line of aprons.

So who knew the story behind the apron could be so enthralling?  Not the food and the artisanal shed it was born. Nor the chef and her earthy roots on a pig farm.  No. The apron and the fire escape in LA where it was first thought about.


The Apron Artistry of Ellen Bennett from FoodieTV on Vimeo.


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