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Photo Credit: Reuben Wu via Miss Moss

Photo Credit: Reuben Wu via Miss Moss

Good morning and happy Wednesday. This has been a fun week so far, full of tailoring and training and tarts. We now have larger projects that we are working on that include graphic design, styling, interior design, and maybe even a big deal piece on the Penh. We have all of these cool projects thanks to the blog and it’s so much fun diving into new things we have never tried before.  Tiff is amping up her graphic design game and learning new programs for making awesome visuals. She’s taken on a few side gigs shooting muscles and having fun using new design acronyms that Cait doesn’t understand.  Cait is in daily negotiations with a very stubborn tailor and finalizing drawings for a wedding dress, a Jackie O-style ball gown and maybe even something for herself.

To those of you who are snowed in, and have been for the past few months, now is the time to stop posting photos of flurries, and start buying tickets to SE Asia. So have a glass of wine, and start impulse buying. Have a great week!

Amy Schumer proving, once again, that we are best friends.

So there’s eating paleo.  And then there’s eating PALEO.

Sign me up for this, as long as you call them suspenders, braces go on your teeth.

Connect two?  Third wheel?  Whatever you want to call it, totally digging this sort of matchy look.

A funny little reminder for foodies to not take themselves so seriously.

Digging this Kashmir trip so badly (and the writer, who’s a new fave).

WORD. Since when is “busy” a brag?

So it seems like I’m in the market for a cute camera bag.

Amy Poehler + Bill Hader + Mindy Kaling + cartoons? I’m in.

This Thai bag maker is blowing my mind. (Thank you Lin for the hookup!)


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